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NOVEMBER’S ENIGMA – 2nd batx. grade (Enigma 2011/12[01]f)

English expressions and funny translations

One of the characteristics of idiomatic expresions is that you can’t translate them literally. A word to word translation will probably result in disaster, which is OK if you only want to have fun, but we should look for equivalent expressions instead. This enigma gives you five English idioms together with their corresponding translations in Spanish. To make things more difficult, we have also included their word-to-word, literal translations. Do you think you can organise them in the following categories?

A) English expressions (‘Expresiones inglesas’)
B) Don’t say (‘No digas…’)
C) Equivalent Spanish expressions (‘Expresiones castellanas equivalentes’)
D) Literal translations into English (‘Traducciones literals en castellano’)

Algo huele a pescado.
Aquí hay gato encerrado.
As old as the hills.
Barrer el suelo con alguien.
Dar a alguien para el pelo.
Dead from the neck up.
Es más viejo que mear a pie.
Here is an imprisoned cat.
It’s older than pissing standing up.
Muerto de cuello para arriba.
No tener dos dedos de frente.
Not to have two fingers of forehead.
Something smells fishy.
Tan viejo como las colinas.
To five somebody for the hair.
To wipe the floor with someone.
Tu media naranja.
Tu mejor mitad.
Your better half.
Your half orange.

Send your answers (including your full name, grade and group) to marcwhitefield@gmail.com.

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